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He was a former corporate lawyer turned street cook.  She is an elementary school special education teacher with a love for baking, photography, and design.  Meet Adam and Jill Dulberg, the husband-and-wife team behind Révolution Crêperie, Phoenix’s first Parisian-style crêperie on wheels.


He is a former corporate lawyer turned street cook.  She is an elementary school special education teacher with a love for baking, photography, and design.  Meet Adam and Jill Dulberg, the husband-and-wife team behind Rêvolution Crêperie, Phoenix's Parisian-style crêperie on wheels.


Adam and Jill became best friends and college sweethearts at the University of Pennsylvania. He fell in love with her creativity and vision, while she was immediately drawn to his intense passion for, well, everything! When Jill discovered Adam’s obsession with French cuisine and realized he could actually cook, and Adam saw that Jill was always asking for seconds, there was no turning back!  Over many egg-and-cheese crêpes and weekend bike rides, the idea of Révolution Crêperie was born.


The couple’s shared love for Paris made the City of Light the perfect place for Adam and Jill to tie the knot.  In August 2013, surrounded by their immediate families, they were married in the stunning Jardin du Luxembourg.  The newlyweds then spent weeks exploring the streets of Paris, Provence, and the Côte d’Azur.  Along the way, they tried all of the local specialties they could find, and of course ate A LOT of crêpes! The street crêpes in France were truly memorable – always so perfectly thin, lacy, and buttery.  Adam was determined to find and master an authentic French crêpe recipe so he could recapture the magic of France back home.


As a practicing lawyer in New York and D.C., Adam would often spend his lunch breaks lined up outside food truck counters, watching the street cooks in awe as he secretly dreamed of following in the footsteps of his family who had owned successful restaurants for many decades (his grandmother was the first woman to be awarded NYC’s Restaurateur of the Year!).  He just knew it was in his blood.  In 2018, Adam and Jill decided to make that dream a reality, and Adam walked away from his legal career to forge a new path.  With their one-year old daughter Audrey by their side, they spent the next two months abroad in Europe, drawing inspiration for the menu and look of a new street food concept that would focus on making authentic French cuisine affordable for all.  Upon their return, Adam and Jill moved back to Phoenix, Adam’s hometown, so they could become part of the city’s burgeoning food truck scene.  Adam completed his professional chef’s certification while obsessing over recipes and ingredients, and Jill got to work on designing a Parisian-style crêperie out of a vintage camper trailer during her off time as a teacher.  As for Audrey – she was “hired” as Daddy’s official taste-tester! 


Adam and Jill are now on a mission to revolutionize the French street food scene in Phoenix and nourish their community, one crêpe at a time.

Carrying on the family legacy. A collection of photos from Morgen's East, the restaurant Adam's grandparents owned in New York City for several decades.

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